"We have worked on a variety of projects with Siltala Constructions over the last decade and we have recommended Siltala Constructions to a number of friends and other architects during that period.
Siltala Constructions is headed up by Richard Siltala, Richard is very good to work with, a “straight shooter”, good communicator and a good manager, he is attentive to detail, anticipates issues and has responses that address the whole picture, and he has a “good eye”. Richard has assembled a very good team around him in both employees and subcontractors.
Siltala Constructions build very well, they report very well and forecast very well, they are very fair in dealing with and solving the unforeseen and they are committed to a quality result with an abiding concern for value for money.
We look forward to working with Siltala Constructions for many years to come."

- David Fleeting, David Fleeting Architects